Simpler Life

I arrived in Utila with very little and I intend to keep it that way. It is a fight, however, to keep it simple, when the habits of a life spent in the “land of stuff” (United States) wants to create all kinds of comfort in my living environment. Luckily, island life is conducive to keeping things simple, like walking or bicycling to run errands, washing and drying clothes without machines, and fashioning a kitchen out of a storage room. Many items are simply not available on a tiny island, so I try to use what is on hand to create, fix, or reinvent a new use for something I am no longer using. I am growing herbs and vegetables in pots and learning how things grow in the tropics.

I will be writing about these Simpler Life adjustments, how-to’s I’ve figured out, and the joys of embracing simplicity. The links to these blogs posts will be listed here. Check back often…I think you’ll like these articles!

Some of my topics for the Simpler life:

  1. Container gardening.
  2. Organizing living space.
  3. Home improvements island-style.
  4. How I have streamlined, systematized, and simplified stuff.
  5. Making home decor from beachcombing.
chair on dock of lagoon, solitude, palm trees, Caribbean breeze, Utila, Honduras, Central America

A taste of simple!

Makeshift kitchen in storage room, simple, basic, plain, Utila, Honduras, Central America, Caribbean island

The beginnings of our makeshift kitchen in a storage room.

glass bottles filled with sand, shells, coral, pumice, home decor, beachcombing, Utila, Honduras, Central America, Caribbean

Home decor made from beachcombing: glass bottles, sand, shells, coral, and pumice.

Simple island transportation, two bicycles with baskets, how we roll in Utila, Honduras, Central America, Caribbean

Simple island transportation…how we roll in Utila!

Fresh lettuce grown in pots on porch out of easy reach of hungry iguanas, Utila, Honduras, Central America, Caribbean

Fresh lettuce harvested from pots grown on porch, out of easy reach of hungry iguanas.


  1. This is a great post.
    Keep up the good work Jeanne.

  2. Hello. I so need a change. Something similar. A place in which I could make a difference. I have four sons and would love to move there for a least a few years. I am a therapist who can help children with autism, cerebral palsy, learning delays and more. I added myself to you blog mailing list. Please email me. I have four sons I would bring along. I need insight and advice. I love your mission to help the children. That would be in alignment with mine as well. I will see if I can help with donations from here until I can pull this all together. Thanks. Holly.

    • Hi Holly,

      Wouldn’t it be amazing if we worked together? I will email you. Talk soon! Jeanne

  3. Greetings from London. I’m an Aussie, with German language skills in addition to a TEFL certificate. I’m looking at moving to Utila early 2014 and undertaking a Dive Instructor course to work in that industry. I’ll add myself to your blog here and look at possibly getting in touch when it all happens, perhaps there is some way I can contribute as well :) Jude

  4. Nice post- how is the kitchen coming along? Very jealous of your chance to simplify!

  5. Visiting from Holistic Wayfarer’s site where you liked a post on race featuring me. Thanks.

    Liked this post so much I am now a follower. Look forward to your simple adventures. This is actually one of my New year’s resolutions: to stop spending so much and live more simply. Sounds like i can get inspired from reading your posts.

    Best regards,

  6. Hi I’m coming to utila in August and staying for a month it will be my 3rd time there and I would love to volunteer with this organization. I would love to know more. Please email me at
    Thank you

    Ps where do you recommended staying for a long visit?

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